• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I start and stop using (and paying for) RecruitGear?

    Yes, you can stop using RecruitGear at any time. There is no long-term usage contract. And when you are ready to start hiring again, you can sign up and start taking and managing applications that same day.

    What if I need help? Do you provide support?

    We provide unlimited support via email for our paying customers and our goal is to respond within the same business day. We also maintain a robust Help section online where you'll usually find the answer to most any question about RecruitGear.

    What about software, maintenance costs?

    As a web-based, hosted solution, RecruitGear reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO). There is no hardware to buy and no software to download, and no need to involve your IT staff for setup. The RecruitGear team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades at our world-class data center

    Does my cost increase as I add staff?

    No limits to the size of your staff or the number of your Recruiters, Representatives, Depots or Departments!- There are no built in limitations for the number of staff you can have working the system. Plus there is never the need to purchase costly individual licenses.

    Are there signup fees? Termination fees? Any hidden fees we should know about?

    No No. No.

    Can I print the applications I receive?

    Yes. Once you click [print] the entire application will print as one continuous document.

    Why should I consider a monthly subscription based system instead of owning and operating software internally on my network?

    The subscription model minimizes up-front costs and makes budgeting for the expense predictable. The monthly fees include ongoing service, maintenance, and updates. And besides the full recruiting and applicant tracking system, data hosting is included as well!

    Do you offer customer support?

    We provide rapid response for customers. Our goal is to resolve issues within the same business day.

    Is training available?

    RecruitGear is a tool that lets you bring your recruiting effort online without the hassle of having to change your own process. Every effort was made to keep the system as simple as possible, and allow it to be effortless to learn. All RecruitGear functionality is accompanied by online help, along with our online Support System and Forums, should you have any other questions not covered in these help files.

    Can you customize RecruitGear for us?

    We designed RecruitGear so that you can customize your public side; you can change the colors, upload your own logo, and even set up custom work processes for your recruiters on the back end. However, if you're interested in a fully customized solution for your organization, contact RecruitGear at 1-800-720-5978.